Joe Biden Says Previous Administration put them in a Difficult Position for Vaccination

President Joe Biden has come in critical of the previously led Donald Trump administration. This statement was in light of the state of vaccination that the current administration met and how they have been struggling to deal with the mess of the previous administration.

Previous Administration gave Misleading Reports

The President of the United States reiterated that the previous administration did not only underperform in handling the Covid-19 outbreak. They also went on to feed the public a lot of lies about progress made.

Joe Biden praised the efforts of scientists and other key players in the health sector for how they got the vaccines available in record time. However, the one job that the previous administration had to do in creating a strategic program for vaccination was poorly done.

As a result, a lot of Americans had to lose their lives because of the negligence of the previous administration.

How the Current Administration Is Dealing with the Situation

Joe Biden explained that the current administration is getting a hang of the situation. This is in light of a fully functional and effective plan that has been instituted to handle the vaccination of citizens all across the country.

As a matter of fact, the administration has accomplished feats in this regard. It has gotten more people vaccinated. Additionally, the administration has also ensured that 2 major pharmaceutical players are set to release vaccines sufficient for about 300 million residents one month before the expected date.

This is all intended to help reduce the adverse effects of the pandemic while the nation also addresses other issues like unemployment, school resumption, and many more.

Furthermore, the presidency has wasted no time in proposing a relief plan of about 2 trillion dollars to the lawmakers in Capitol Hill. However, there seem to be bipartisan conflicts affecting the prompt validation of the bill.

Many Americans are hoping that the administrators in Capitol Hill will come through for them and get the bill underway as soon as possible.

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