Myanmar’s Ms. Suu Kyi Remanded Ahead of Court Hearing on Wednesday

From winning a presidential election to losing her freedom, the world of Myanmar’s Ms. Suu Kyi is full of drama. In this report, we uncover the situation in Myanmar and explain how the detained democratic leader is central to all that happening in this nation.

A Nation Solidly behind Ms. Suu Kyi

For the civilian population in Myanmar, the well-respected leader was robbed of the chance to steer the course of the nation by the military dictators. The masses have debunked claims by the military that the elections were rigged and fraught with many irregularities.

As far as they are concerned, the election was free and fair. In light of this, the people’s political decisions through their votes should not have been disrespected by the military coup.

Various citizens have taken to the street in protest. This is despite the ruling by the military administrators banning any acts of such. To further enforce this rule, the military was seen on the streets and even opened fire on protesters at some point.

One of the frustrations of the people has been how Ms. Suu Kyi has been treated by the military administrators. After the coup, security agents arrested the winner of the election and wasted no time leveling up some flimsy charges against her.

What Is Ms. Suu Kyi Legal Fate?

The charges she will face a hearing for hinges on the possession of illegal communication devices. This is a flimsy charge as perceived by many supporters and citizens at large. It is an attempt to paint her as a bad citizen and threat to the nation, something apparently that is not working.

Her lawyers did explain to the public that she will be facing a hearing on Wednesday for these charges. However, she will be remanded by the authorities. This is a huge shock and cause for concern for many of her loyalists and citizens.

Furthermore, there have been various calls from the international community to release Ms. Suu Kyi and respect the electoral decisions of the Myanmar populace by returning swiftly to democratic rule.

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