Acupuncture: what you need to know

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine of Chinese origin that is widely used to treat certain ailments. It is mainly used to regulate the proper functioning of organs through the use of needles. What are the ailments cured by acupuncture? How is it practiced? Find out in this article.
The practice of acupuncture
The way acupuncture is practiced differs from one acupuncturist to another, although the way it works is identical. Indeed, before starting the treatment, the acupuncturist carries out a medical examination in order to establish a diagnosis. For more information, visit
After this preliminary examination, the acupuncturist begins the actual practice of acupuncture by placing needles in the affected areas. In other words, the acupuncturist pricks fine needles on the meridians to regulate the qi energy. And the needles stay there for a while. Other elements can be used in acupuncture. These include magnets, lasers and infrared. But needles remain the most used and preferred tools.
The services of acupuncture
Acupuncture is very useful for the healing of certain ailments and disorders. According to acupuncture doctors and practitioners, acupuncture can reduce stress and anxiety levels. Also, it can relieve headaches, digestive disorders, and pregnancy.
Its application seems to cure several dermatological disorders such as acne and allergies. While treating insomnia problems, it can even help a person to quit smoking, and this in a definitive way. The benefits of acupuncture also go into healing chronic neck and back pain.
Its effectiveness 
Of course, acupuncture is very controversial, as is the case for most alternative medicines. Thus, its effectiveness is very doubtful. However, according to studies conducted and published by the Academy of Medicine, it is proven that acupuncture is effective in treating certain diseases. Especially when it comes to migraines and nausea.
Therefore, it is generally considered as a complementary treatment to modern or general medicine. Since it cannot cure every disease in the world. Its effect is very much physiological.