China Not Being Straightforward with WHO Investigative Team Over Cause of Covid-19 Outbreak

President Joe Biden's administration has been backed up by comments from the British prime minister directed towards China. This is in light of reports from the World Health Organization’s team sent to investigate the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in China.

What Is China Hiding?

Despite the many disparities between the ex-president and the new President of the United States, they seem to have something in common. The similarity is about what they think about China.

Sources close to the White House are explaining that the new administration thinks the Chinese government should not be trusted in many regards. However, they are more diplomatic in their approach to this Asian superpower for the sake of trade and pushing certain policies in the Security Council.

This is especially in light of the recent meeting between the United States President and the Chinese counterpart where issues bothering on Trade, Security, and the Pandemic were discussed.

However, Joe Biden has stressed the need for key organizations to carry out critical investigations into the outbreak of the Chinese virus that caused a global pandemic.

This statement cannot be more relevant given how notable WHO representatives are claiming the Chinese authorities are holding on to sensitive information about the virus and its outbreak. Specifically, an Australian expert on infectious disease outbreak – Dominic Dwyer; made the statement as he showed concern over the reluctance of the Chinese authorities to cooperate with the investigative process.

A political analyst explained that “the Chinese government’s refusal to cooperate can mean either of two things. It is either they think their national sovereignty supersedes that of the global community, or that they have a hidden agenda as the virus may have been intentionally spread to achieve an aim”.

Whatever it is, the picture is not looking good for China.

What World Leaders Are Saying

A few world leaders have stated that the entire world has a right to understand what went wrong. This is because of the deep mess this pandemic has caused the entire globe. Figures like Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and most recently Boris Johnson are demanding answers.