The appliance revolution

Bringing home a new appliance always makes life easier. In recent years, home appliances have been updated with new technology. The difference between this new technology and that of previous years is striking. From now on, we are not talking about simple home appliances, but smart home appliances.

What is a smart home appliance?

A smart appliance is one that is capable of connecting to a Wi-Fi network and works with an accompanying app. In other words, they are smart appliances, dishwashers or refrigerators that can start a wash cycle or postpone a defrost in off-peak hours to reduce energy consumption using the smart grid principle. Learn more at

Learn about some smart appliances

The smart refrigerator: this is the example of the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator consisting of two doors, cameras and a touch screen. The cameras allow you to examine the contents of your refrigerator on your mobile device with expiration dates. The touch screen offers a family board for notes, displays your calendar and can a smartphone to stream music and TV.
The smart stove: the latest technology built into smart stoves allows you to use an app to preheat your oven when you're not at home. It is capable of cooking your food to perfection.
The smart washing machine: it knows the best way to wash blankets or clothes. With an application, you can start cycles, stop them or receive alerts when the cycle ends.
In addition, we also have, the robot vacuum cleaner, the smell of tea at bedtime, no omelet without breaking eggs, a sensor that measures the needs of your plants, robot floor cleaner, check the contents of your refrigerator. A smart coffee maker, etc... These are smart appliances that can only make your life easier.